Marketing Manager

Job description

bitbird is a record label and creative company spearheaded by San Holo, based in The Netherlands.

We're looking for a Marketing Manager to strengthen our label team. Your responsibility will be the creation and management of our marketing, publicity, radio, influencer, brand campaigns and you'll work together with our Label, Apparel and Event departments to ensure their priorities are getting ample attention. You'll report directly to bitbird's Label Manager, work closely with our Head of Digital and C-Suite, and with Heroic, our closely affiliated artist management agency.



  • Creating and managing marketing campaigns: Working closely with our Label, Apparel and Event departments and our Head of Digital to create marketing campaigns for our releases, clothing and events. Dividing tasks between internal and external teams and execution of the campaigns. 

  • Execute press release campaigns: Work with artists and their managers signed to bitbird to craft compelling narrative stories to go with their releases, creating press releases, writing artist bios, and pitching releases for press support/coverage. 

  • Influencer Marketing: Pitch music and develop partnerships with influencers ranging from music to social media, including YouTube music promotional channels, TikTok and Instagram influencers, Twitch and YouTube personalities.

  • Brand marketing: Identify, research and develop partnerships with brands that align with our company and artists.

  • SoundCloud repost trading: coordinate with other labels, management teams, and artists to facilitate repost trading on SoundCloud for music releases. 

  • Spotify playlist trading: coordinate with our A&R team to facilitate submissions for consideration on bitbird playlists. 

  • Liaison for our external radio plugging teams: communicate weekly with our radio partners and helping strategize the best approach to each territory/market for high-priority releases. 

  • Develop bitbird's brand voice and craft copy: Develop and maintain the "voice of bitbird" and ensure this is used across all platforms and departments. Write copy for monthly newsletters, bitbird-affiliated pitch decks, maintaining upkeep on bitbird one-sheets.



  • Music publicity or marketing experience. You have a background working in music, entertainment or publicity; you're familiar with the (electronic) music industry and understand how to pitch music for press coverage, as well as how to write marketing plans, press releases, biographies and understand radio promotions, Youtube Channel upload support, Spotify playlist trading, SoundCloud repost trading. 

  • Writing experience. You have a strong background in music media writing and have spent at least 2 years working on your skills as a music writer, contributing to music editorials, magazines, and blogs. 

  • Love and understanding of bitbird, our message, community and music.

  • Fluent in English. Fluent in Dutch is a bonus.

  • Work hard, play hard mentality. Our biggest market is the US and even though we're based in The Netherlands, a lot of the action happens between 17:00 - 20:00 CET.

  • Willing to try, not afraid to fail. You need a willingness to learn and master unfamiliar skills. We operate in a unique, non-traditional way and require you to adapt to our operations. We are after learning and embrace that failure is a part of that process.

  • An excitement to learn. The marketing, social and paid landscape is constantly changing. You need to have a finger on the pulse of the industry and digital space and be excited to learn about its evolution. 

  • Able to work 40+ hours a week. 

  • We'd prefer to hire someone in NYC, London or Amsterdam. Otherwise we're open to the EST and EU timezones. PST is difficult for us.

Do you have what it takes? Submit your resume and a motivational letter explaining your history in the industry, experience with music marketing and publicity, why you think you're a good fit for this role and our team and how you think we can improve upon our current marketing. We'll get back to you shortly.